Donor Plaque

Donations Collected online, Polished Brass

In the spring of 2009, donations were collected via the Internet to fund the creation of a donor plaque. The amount received was to determine the size and quality of the plaque and the size of the names was determined by the amount given. The more money a person gave, the larger their name became on the plaque. The names were all scaled to the largest name – so not only would the donor’s name become larger, the others would become smaller. The work existed for no other reason than to give credit to those who funded its creation.

A real time mock up was displayed on the website along with amount required to have the largest (or smallest) name. In a total of $168.00 was collected with $22.00 being the largest donation received and $0.01 being the smallest.

This work is discussed in the catalogue for The Value of Nothing, a 2009 exhibition.
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